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Ukrainian Drone Attempts on Russian Oil Depot, No Casualties

Shown is a Kratos rendering of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory’s Off-Board Sensing Station low-cost attritable unmanned aircraft system. InternationalIndiaAfricaBRYANSK, Russia (Sputnik) – A Ukrainian drone has attacked the Klintsovsky oil depot of Bryansknefteprodukt, which is part of Rosneft, in Russia’s Bryansk region, there were no casualties, Governor Alexander Bogomaz said on Thursday. “A Ukrainian drone attacked the Klintsovsky oil depot of JSC Bryansknefteprodukt … There were no casualties,” Bogomaz wrote on Telegram. MilitaryDrone Contest: Russian Lancet-3 vs US Switchblade-6003 May, 17:36 GMTAs a result of the munition drop, the concrete base and the tank for storing oil products were partially damaged, the official said, adding that emergency services are on site.



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