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The Hochul Exodus

The Hochul ExodusInternationalIndiaAfricaNew York Gov. Kathy Hochul recently prompted a mass raising of eyebrows after she told conservatives to kick it to Florida because they “don’t represent” the “values” of the Empire State. “You’re not New Yorkers,” she said of gubernatorial opponent Lee Zeldin, county executive Marc Molino and former President Donald Trump.Hochul’s remarks have prompted none other than pure outrage from netizens, who slammed the governor and accused her of isolating Republicans living in New York. In fact, mimicking the governor’s remarks, Twitter users told the figure that she failed to “represent” their own values.”Hochul is flat out attacking not just GOP politicians, but GOP voters,” tweeted columnist and author David Marcus. “This is just normal behavior for Democrats now.”Among conservative figures firing back at Hochul is Florida’s very own Gov. Ron DeSantis, who said Tuesday that Hochul’s stance was completely “ridiculous.”The latest comes after US President Joe Biden remarked last week that the “Make America Great Again” wing of the Republican Party was akin to “semi-fascism,” a stance that also drew widespread backlash.



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