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Kiev Claims to Be Subjected to Most Massive Attack Since Launch of Special Op

KievInternationalIndiaAfricaThe capital was reportedly hit by the strongest air attack since the beginning of the Russian special military operationUkrainian media has reported a series of powerful explosions around the country, including Kiev, on Sunday night. Authorities in the capital stated that a tank with diesel fuel was damaged in the Solomensky district. Explosions and fires were also reported in Odessa.”This is the most massive attack (…) on our city,” Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko said.The attacks come after Ukraine organized a number of terrorist hits on Russian territory, including the recent drone attack on the Kremlin that was thwarted by Russian security services.Zelensky’s followers also made an attempt on Russian politician and writer Zakhar Prilepin, blasting his car on a highway in Nizhny Novgorod region. The driver was killed, while Prilepin was seriously injured. At the same time, the chief of Kiev’s military intelligence Kyrylo Budanov said they will proceed with “killing Russians.”As Moscow top investigator Alexander Bastrykin explained, this strategy only confirms that terrorism is a “typical style of Ukrainian nationalists.” RussiaDrone Attack on Kremlin Shows Ukrainian Nationalists Prefer Terrorist Acts – Bastrykin6 May, 02:51 GMTSince October 2022 Russia has been carrying out precision strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, defense industry and military command facilities in retaliation for a terrorist attack on the Crimea Bridge.In past months, air raid alerts have sounded in Ukrainian regions every day, sometimes throughout the country.



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