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Anti-Government Activists Attack Israel’s Economy Minister in Tel Aviv – Office

Right-wing Israelis attend a rally in support of plans by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to overhaul the judicial system, outside the Knesset, Israel’s parliament in Jerusalem, Thursday, April 27, 2023. InternationalIndiaAfricaMOSCOW (Sputnik) – Israeli Economy Minister Nir Barkat and his entourage were attacked by a group of anti-government activists on their way from a restaurant to their car in central Tel Aviv, the minister’s office said Thursday. “Several troublemakers attacked the minister’s guards and police officers while trying to get to him and hurt him. The minister’s guards and police officers defended him with their bodies, after which the demonstrators also attacked the police officers,” the office said. Israeli media earlier indicated that one of the police officers who defended the minister was injured and hospitalized, and that two attackers had been detained.Broadcaster CH12 reported earlier on Thursday that 200,000 Israelis gathered in front of the parliament building in central Jerusalem in support of the government’s judicial reform. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Barkat had thanked demonstrators on social media for their “incredible support.”

The judicial reform, proposed by Netanyahu's government in January, will curtail the Supreme Court's power to review and strike down laws that it rules unconstitutional and give the government a greater say in the selection of judges.

Netanyahu put the reform on hold in late March, succumbing to growing pressure after one of the largest protests in Israel’s history. Thousands of Israelis have been protesting against the reform nationwide for months.

Earlier broadcasts also detailed that a group of protesters had interrupted the work of Israeli broadcaster Channel 13 News by cursing the team of reporters and throwing a glass bottle at them.”The bullying and violent behavior of a handful of the protesters will not deter us and will not harm our commitment to our viewers,” the broadcaster was quoted as saying. “We expect the police to quickly and decisively investigate the case and bring the violent criminals to justice, knowing that violence against journalists in general and Channel 13 News teams in particular, has already become a matter of routine.””This is an intolerable and unforgivable situation, which cannot be put up with and must be eradicated.”Incidentally, the broadcaster has also undergone similar attacks in late March. At the time, a cameraman was left with a broken rib.



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